A mission is a clearly defined statement that aligns individuals and/or teams with a sense of purpose, direction and motivation towards common goals. Mission first, people always:

We believe that the mission comes first, but investing in people is always at the core of accomplishing the team's mission.


Originating with Army Air Corps pilots in WWII, the numbers on a clock face are often used to represent cardinal direction. The number 6 refers to 6 o'clock, or a rear facing direction, which is often the most vulnerable security position in combat.

Team members in the military use the slang term, I’ve got your 6, which is to say, I have your back, no matter what happens. This term has come to define the vital trust, loyalty, respect, and commitment that all teammates expect of one another on a mission. Six is also the numerical call sign or designator for the unit leader or commander.


On a magnetic compass, zero is true north, which symbolizes a forward moving direction towards continual improvement. You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been: Zero also represents a baseline, or a means of measuring progress during a mission.

In the whole person concept, zero symbolizes balance and striving for equilibrium in all facets of life.


Mission 6 Zero specializes in performance improvement. We identify, assess, and develop human behaviors to help organizations achieve results in performance.

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