Mission 6 Zero is working toward a future in which both individuals and teams are inspired to optimize their performance through an intimate knowledge of themselves and their surroundings. We promote a continual growth mindset that ultimately facilitates the hiring of injured combat veterans and provides them the opportunity to reintegrate back into society, share their experiences, and add value to organizations. We inspire our clients to live life to its fullest – to be better teammates, partners, leaders, mentors, and people.




Humans are more important than hardware

There is no stronger bond than between those that have served in combat together. We care about each other, our training, and our client. Happiness isn’t measured in trophies, it’s measured in people.


Quality is better than quantity

We are accountable in everything that we do. Our success or failure is a direct result of our own hard work and efforts.


Elite performers cannot be created after emergencies occur

Performance develops daily, not in a day. We stress the importance of being prepared through proactive continual development.


We expose our hearts

We share our stories. We expose our hearts. No matter how many times we fall down, we keep getting back up. Everything we teach is what we have personally gone through in our lives.


We love our country

We are honored to serve in the top tier of military operators. Innovation and constant improvement is in our DNA and we are constantly developing and creating something better.


We believe in calculated risks.

We believe that he who dares, wins. We take advantage of every opportunity. We believe in being bold and dominating life. We trust our clients and our word is our bond.


There are more management consulting companies than you could possibly count. What sets Mission 6 Zero apart from the rest is that we not only offer practical, experience-based solutions to complex problems based on combat experience, but we also combine this experience with proven science and performance theory. We’ve learned that being a Special Forces operator will only get you so far in the business world. If you truly want to effect change and help people, we needed to move past our combat experience only model and teach evidence based best performance practices combined with real world experience.

We make our events actionable – this means that you what you learn in the classroom is then applied in intense, combat authentic, role-playing scenarios specifically designed to reveal your true nature. When you are tired, stressed, placed in a vague and ambiguous environment, and required to perform under pressure, your true character traits are revealed.

You begin to understand who you are and why you make the decisions that you do. We have the experience in identifying, assessing, and developing high performing individuals and teams. We provide you the tools to know yourself, know your team, and grow – so that you no longer need us and we can help others to unlock their potential.

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