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From Transition to a Metamorphosis: When You’re Left Without the Army by: Florent Groberg Medal of Honor Recipient and Speaker on Veterans Issues

From Transition to a Metamorphosis: When You’re Left Without the Army

I had a goal.  My two, five and ten-year plans were set. First, I was going to serve as a company commander in an infantry unit. Next, I would serve in the Ranger Regiment as a company commander, and finally, attend selection for Delta. This was my plan of action and nothing would stop me. Until I woke up to the smell of gunpowder and charred flesh, deaf to the lips I saw my world in slow motion and half of my lower left leg missing.

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The Power of Loyalty

I love telling stories. I always have. I believe that stories help us to understand who we really are. Stories are entertaining, they flow, and they empower the listener to figure out the point of the story on their own. Stories provide an aperture for us to experience the similarities we have with one another. I’ve learned that the key component in powerful story telling is a feeling of connection. It is my belief that powerful connections lead to loyalty.

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The Power of Loyalty, 2

Part 2:


The leaders that I found myself loyal to in my life have all had a certain vulnerability about them. In other words, they didn’t try to pretend to be all-knowing or all-powerful. These leaders were honest about their strengths and their short comings. They were honest with themselves and they were honest with me….even if being honest was painful.  These leaders not only immediately took ownership of their mistakes, but they took ownership of my mistakes. These leaders took a risk – they resolved to be vulnerable by trusting me for the first time. These leaders gave me an opportunity to prove myself and therefore, I felt empowered and valued. My confidence in these leaders grew as a byproduct of their trust.

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The Power of Loyalty, 3

Part 3 of Living a Loyal Life


I remember a certain favorite quote of Napoleon Bonaparte’s when I think of rewarding loyalty – “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.”  Is the soldier really fighting for a piece of ribbon or is he fighting for something deeper – more meaningful?

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How I Self-Deprecated and Almost Lost

How many times have you gone to an event, a dinner, a ball game, a fundraiser or just a vacation where you met an individual that simply amazed you with their success? You listen to their stories, and all you can think about is how did that person make it? How does it look so easy? What am I doing wrong with my life?  We can all relate to this feeling, and for me, no one exacerbated that feeling in me more than Nate Boyer.

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A Restored Commitment - A Post Traumatic Stress Experience, Part 1

By Joseph Serna

The Diamond     

It was a crisp winter morning, a slight breeze helped clear the morning fog from the baseball diamond. I am standing on first base. The cheers from the crowd catch my attention.  The umpire yells “Play Ball!”  I feel as though I am on top of the world.

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Restored Commitment - A Post Traumatic Stress Experience Part 2

By Joe Serna

It is the morning of 29 February 2006.

Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I fought in combat. It was also the first time my team fought against the Taliban together. There was not much to be said about my contribution. My truck hit an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). I was blown out of the bed of the truck. I did nothing. Of my friends in the truck, I was the only one that survived.

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The Ignored Component of Building Teams: Collective Efficacy

By Rory Travis

The heat inside the taxi was stifling as we sat parked on the street corner.  I opened the tinted rear windows only an inch so as not to expose my foreign presence.  The orange and white Volkswagen Brasilia taxi and my Kurdish-American driver blended well into the surroundings of the northern Iraqi city. Even though I wore local attire, my urban camouflage was only effective enough to thwart the casual observer or passer-by. My driver and I kept our AK-47s hidden from sight, but readily accessible.  

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5 Reasons Tim Tebow Will Succeed in Professional Baseball (According to the Green Beret Who Trained him)

By Chris Dessi

Featured: Jason Van Camp

America loves an underdog. America loves a redemption story. America loves winners. And America certainly loves Tim Tebow.

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10 Steps To Produce Stunning Results In Your Life (According To Nate Boyer, Former Green Beret & NFL Player)

By Cris Dessi

Featured: Nate Boyer

Secrets to creating dramatic positive change in your life from the Green Beret who stood with Colin Kaepernick


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Why You Need To Know The Answer To This Question If You Want To Be Successful

By Chris Dessi

Featured: Nate Boyer

Nate Boyer former Green Beret and NFL player says knowing the answer to this one question changed his life


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Self Discipline

How the Most Insanely Self-Disciplined People Create Shocking Results in Life

My conversation with the most self-disciplined person I know, someone who happens to be a Green Beret and an entrepreneur: Jason Van Camp, Founder of Mission 6 Zero.

By Chris Dessi

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World War 2

Owning the Moment

How to take ownership of what happens to you in life

By Kyle Daniels

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