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5 Reasons Tim Tebow Will Succeed in Professional Baseball (According to the Green Beret Who Trained him)

By Chris Dessi

Featured: Jason Van Camp

America loves an underdog. America loves a redemption story. America loves winners. And America certainly loves Tim Tebow.

The greatest athlete of our time, Michael Jordan tried to be a professional baseball player. He failed. So why does Tim Tebow believe he will succeed?

What is it about Tebow that sets him apart, and makes him perform at a higher level? And does anyone even think Tim Tebow can do it?

"There is absolutely no chance that he would ever set foot on a big-league diamond to play in a big-league baseball game in the regular season." - Curt Schilling

Case closed? Not according to Jason Van Camp. Jason and his team of US Special Forces veterans and human performance psychologists believe not only that Tim can do it, but also he will do it.

Jason is the chairman of Mission 6 Zero, a performance enhancement company that identifies, assesses, and develops human behaviors to help organizations achieve optimal results. In other words, his company "exposes and measures your heart."

He works with professional sports organizations to dissect, quantify, and predict the mental makeup of both the players and coaches to achieve tangible results. Jason's team of Green Berets, Delta Force, Rangers, and SEALs sent Tim Tebow through their combat-inspired intangibles assessment exercise and came away believers.

Here are five reasons why Jason Van Camp believes Tim Tebow will play major league baseball:

1. Concentration and Mental Agility

Jason shared with me that "Tim followed orders. Tim simplified everything. Tim made good decisions in the moment and under pressure." When faced with a role playing ethical decision he responded with "she should be forgiven, haven't you done something wrong in your life?"

Tim displayed higher level thinking by providing alternatives for seemingly impossible situations.

So what?

Jason's team believes that Tebow's mind will awaken with renewed passion and purpose. Specifically, Tim displayed a high level of preparation, focus, and reaction time. These traits transition to the world of MLB perfectly.

Bottom line, Tim is mentally tough.

Tim Tebow & Jason Van Camp

2. Humility

Tim stayed focused despite distractions and He immediately won trust of those involved in the drill.

So what?

Tim has tremendous pride. It drives him to succeed in life. He failed at accomplishing his ultimate goal of being a long term starting NFL quarterback. Failure forces us to be humble and submit our ego. In the NFL, Tim closed his mind and resisted a move to another position, whether it be Fullback, Tight End, Wide Receiver, etc.

He didn't see any other way to do things other than succeed as a Quarterback. In MLB, Tim will no longer refuse to accept a position change. In MLB, Tim will be ready and willing to serve in any role the Manager and coaches see fit.

3. Coping with failure

Jason's team set up Tim to fail at every stop along his mission. Every time he encountered a dilemma, he would stop, think, and respond. He never got flustered.

He is a patient decision maker and is not pressed or intimidated into making a quick decision or rushing to failure.

So what?

Although Tim won games, he struggled throwing the ball in the National Football League. This type of failure pales in comparison to the sort of failure that MLB professional hitters endure.

He must learn to push the reset button every morning to prevent doubt and negativity from creeping in. If not, those 0-5 nights will turn into 0-10, then 0-20.

4. Behavior and Adaptability

Jason told me "the top behavioral indicator Tim exhibited throughout the event was his composure and ability to control his emotions and physiology. " Adding "he appeared to consistently maintain a presence of being cool, calm, and collected even when the situation escalated."

Tim is an exceptional rapport builder. He is comfortable with this. At no point, did Tim appear to shake, flinch, or back down while remaining courteous and respectful during interpersonal communications.

So what?

In the NFL, Tim failed to adapt. Tim was not prepared to adapt at that time. Tim has the mental makeup to adapt to any situation and succeed. His ego did not let him do that.

As he develops his physical skill-set, Tim will serve in many specialist roles; pinch hitter with power, late inning base runner, defensive outfield specialist, etc. Tim doesn't have to hit .300 to be considered a success in MLB.

Tim needs to find a few things that he is good at and concentrate on one that he is great at. Jason thinks that Tim will "find that one thing, adapt, and overcome."

5. Maturity

Tebow impressed Jason and his team. Stating "Tim did the right thing when no one was looking and did not compromise his integrity."

So what?

Tim is 29 years old. He has seen things and experienced more life than your average minor league baseball player, or even MLB player. He is considerably more self-aware. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and acknowledges that he still has much to learn.

Jason concluded by stating, "America loves an underdog. America loves a redemption story. America loves winners. And America certainly loves Tim Tebow."

Tim, I'm all in.

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