James "Jimmy" Flanagan

Within the confines and structures of this UNCLASSIFIED biography, we can confirm that Mr. Flanagan retired as one of our Country’s most highly trained and decorated Officers serving in numerous positions with the U.S. Army and Other Governmental Agencies.

Mr. Flanagancompleted a 39 year career of Government Service that included 20 years in the U.S. Army and 19 years in Intelligence. His experience includes training and working with Law Enforcement, Special Operations personnel and intelligence organizations responsible for National Security.   Mr. Flanagan spent ten years in Counter Terrorist operations, gaining technical, leadership, and managerial experience and conducting joint staff operations with US and foreign military units. Mr. Flanagan has served in 33 countries including multiple tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He has been the recipient of numerous awards for Intelligence, Intelligence Collection, valor, and meritorious service.

An accomplished trainer, Mr. Flanagan served as an instructor authoring numerous tactical training programs of instruction including the High Threat Meeting Course. For the Operator Training Course at Fort Bragg, he supervised training in such diverse areas as Aircraft Tactics, Firearms, and medical training. Mr. Flanagan also served as an Advanced Marksmanship techniques and Martial Arts Instructor for both military and civilian Law Enforcement Agencies.  In addition, he served as chief of weapons and authored the Tactical Clandestine Operations in Dangerous Areas course. He has trained extensively in desert reconnaissance missions, navigating using a variety of Global positioning and other navigational aids, and in advanced mountain and cold weather warfare training exercises, developing climbing techniques for military operations in urban environments. He was an instructor at the U.S. Army Ranger Course, a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Leader, a Drill Sergeant at Fort Leonard Wood, and as an instructor at the U.S. Army Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course, assessing the capabilities and potential of candidates seeking assignments. 

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